[Scribus] let's resume...

Michael Below mbelow
Wed Jul 30 13:35:23 CEST 2003


Robert Kaiser <KaiRo at KaiRo.at> writes:

> If you'll need any help with Bugzilla, I'm glad to throw in my knowledge...

My (little) experience with BugZilla isn't that good... I once reported a
Mozilla bug: I had to fill out a massive form of some sort, some kind
of registration. Then I sent my report and never heard anything about
it again.

>From the user point of view, I like the Debian BTS better: you send a
mail describing your problem, which is automatically filled with
version information etc. by the bug reporting tool. You get a
confirmation that your report was received, and you are noticed when
anything further happens.

(Schreibe tatsaechlich unter vi !!
				R. Stoll am 15. 6. 03 in dce

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