[Scribus] Questions

Kobus Wolvaardt kobuswolf
Wed Jul 30 12:49:55 CEST 2003

I'm starting a newspaper and we are thinking about using scribus. We are
pro opensource but dont want to burn our fingers. I haven't uses any
page layout software, and since we need to learn a package it might as
well be an opensource one.

Do you the programmers/users of scribus think it is usable to lay out a
40 to 48 page A3 sized newspaper?

I find it hard to use, and cant find a comprehensive guide in the
documentation. Where can I find out how to use it?

If we are going to use it we'll translate it to Afrikaans my mother
tongue and also need to add Afrikaans hyphenations (we have an
algorithm[we'll actually we have a neural net]). Is this adding
translations/features and hyphenations hard? We want to hire a
programmer to help with the features, how long will it take him to start
programming (start being productive)? 

Kobus Wolvaardt

N.S. We want to publish the first paper at the end of September (8

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