[Scribus] configure error in archlinux

PFJ paulf.johnson
Wed Jul 30 12:24:57 CEST 2003


> >Which version of automake and autoconf are you using?
> >
> >It is recommended that you're using automake 1.6.3 (or thereabouts) and
> >autoconf 2.57

> Uhm, unless he is regenerating ./configure, he shouldn't need autoconf and
> automake at all? Or is it a KDE/Scribus weirdness so that configure
> and/or make generates new ./configure files?

AFAIK, neither does anything, I'm just eliminating possibilities (as
when Franz originally moved to CVS we had all hecks job getting anything
to compile as we were using different versions of the auto software.

> On the other hand, I definitely can't find a configure bug in
> scribus-1.0 off-hand either, so...

It's either a corrupt download or something else. I've advised to
checkout the cvs version and see if that gives the same problem. If it
doesn't then it's the download or the archive at fault.



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