[Scribus] let's resume...

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Tue Jul 29 23:43:04 CEST 2003


> I'm looking into a bug tracking facility (not sure if I'm going for one
> on the cvs server or if using Bugzilla would be better). At least that
> way, all bugs can be traced correctly and nothing slips through our
> fingers.

I have some experience with BugZilla (and I'm about to re-set up my own 
Bugzilla installation, I already did that once), so I'd be glad to help 
if possible here.
I've been working with that system on bugzilla.mozilla.org (yes, that 
one) for a few years now and have seen that tool becoming better and 
better so that other major projects moved to using it as well. I'm also 
invovled in the Mozilla Community, knowing quite a bunch of people 
behind Bugzilla, so I know where to ask if problems/wishes evolve ;-)

If you'll need any help with Bugzilla, I'm glad to throw in my knowledge...


Robert Kaiser

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