[Scribus] Crash with scribus 1.0

David Rodríguez García darodgar
Mon Jul 28 22:13:36 CEST 2003


More info about my crash.
Only crash with de cut of the contextual menu (right mouse button).
After crash with my document, scribus always crash cutting with the contextual 
menu. With new document or whatever.
After rebooting the system, new documents work as spected, but opening my 
document, scribus crashed, and as before, all other documents.

I think there is a problem exposed by my document, but there is more problems. 
Why runnig a new scribus, it maintain an state that make it crash?. It only 
occur after the crash with the problematic document. A reboot clean the 
Is it a problem with the Qt?

I hope it can help solving that problem.


David Rodr?guez Garc?a

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