[Scribus] Re: Scribus and OpenOffice Canvas Project

Steve Herrick steveh
Thu Jul 24 01:04:35 CEST 2003

M. Evans wrote:

> Conceivably OpenOffice and Scribus could collaborate - if not on the
> actual canvas code, then at least on a good open-source DTP pipeline
> from OO Writer to Scribus, or some variation, such as a Scribus
> "plugin" for OpenOffice or a bidirectional XML transformation format.

I am an end user, not a developer, so I confess I have only a general 
idea what all this entails. However, as I wrote only a few days ago to 
the Scribus list, I would be very happy to see OOo become the text 
editor of choice for Scribus users. I think users of both applications 
would benefit, and the apps themselves would benefit from the 
cross-publicity. They probably shouldn't merge any time soon (with all 
due respect, the last thing OOo needs is something that makes it load 
slower), but anything that makes them more compatible is very welcome.

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