[Scribus] Re: Scribus and OpenOffice Canvas Project

M. Evans NOSPAMdatafeed
Wed Jul 23 21:09:27 CEST 2003

> Well, since it appears that use[r]s WILL use a word processor as a
> DTP app anyway (*sigh*), at least one office suite out there may as
> well do it right.

That's where you can help. Examine our trial balloon API draft and see
how it compares/contrasts with your API for DTP purposes. It might
help us to have some overview of your status (planning? alpha? beta?
stable? refactoring?) and some indication of where your API has been,
and where it is going.

Personally I hope to see OpenOffice subsume a full XML-based DTP
solution from screen to print. On gsl-dev we have been spending out
time debating screen issues like GPU acceleration, not DTP. It is a
missing element in the discussions.

Conceivably OpenOffice and Scribus could collaborate - if not on the
actual canvas code, then at least on a good open-source DTP pipeline
from OO Writer to Scribus, or some variation, such as a Scribus
"plugin" for OpenOffice or a bidirectional XML transformation format.

P.S. Please no direct CC:'s, I already get the lists.

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