[Scribus] crashing and wierd fonts

James H. Cloos Jr. cloos
Tue Jul 22 11:40:36 CEST 2003

Running gentoo x86 w/ scribus-1.0, qt-3.1.2-r5 from their ebuilds.

gcc is 3.3, freetype is 2.1.4, glibc is 2.3.2-r1 w/ nptl.

Fonts look awful on screen.  The glyphs are much larger than
specified, overlap, are clipped, etc.  In the ps and pdf output
the look right, it is only the on-screen display that is fubar.

I have to hit save after just about every change, since it crashes
frequently.  Nothing is reported on stderr or stdout after a crash;
it just silently goes away....

Updating text leaves artifacts wherever ink used to be.

Only ttf fonts seem to show up in the font menu; my otf fonts do not.

It is proving useful, even with the display anomalies and tendency to


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