[Scribus] eps and pdf picturs are "missing"

nick murphy nickmurphy
Fri Jul 18 10:59:20 CEST 2003

On Friday 18 July 2003 09:31, PFJ wrote:
> Hi,
> > 	I am new to Scribus but have been waiting eagerly for the 1.0 release. I
> > have just complied scribus on my SuSE 8.2 box and it seems to run fine.
> > One problem I have is that I cannot get .eps or .pdf files to display in
> > a picture box on screen or print. When I look in Manage pictures the file
> > is reported as missing. Bit mapped images work ok. Any ideas?
> There is currently no importer for eps or pdf files. PDF is a pain to
> import (not impossible, but very difficult) and eps is one of those
> formats that no-one can decide on what should be in it.
> Paul

Thanks for the reply Paul but now I am really confused. Below is an extract 
from the documentation suggesting that eps files are the best way to go!!

"Changes to Get Picture if an image frame is selected. You can load .TIFF, 
PNG, JPEG, EPS or XPM images. Scribus can also handle MNG,PMN,PBM,PGM files 
as well. For high quality printing for commercial reproduction, TIFF or EPS 
is highly recommended. Even if a preview is embedded in an EPS, Scribus will 
display this.
When placing a EPS image, Scribus can handle transparency without problems, as 
well as recognizing DCS (Desktop Color Separations) comments for CMYK colors. 
Scribus will import the spot colors into the palette.
Scribus can also import the first page of a PDF. The PDF is imported much like 
an EPS file."

So are you saying that despite the documentation there is no way to get an eps 
picture into a scribus document? They are Adobe illustrator eps files.


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