[Scribus] LWN.net about Scribus

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Thu Jul 17 22:47:10 CEST 2003

Hi all,

LWN.net has an article about Scibus at http://lwn.net/Articles/40000/ - 
the interesting thing there is the comments which discuss if Scribus is 
the first DTP app for Linux or not, as some consider LaTeX to generate 
"press-ready" results as well and might be capable of DTP as well...

Additionally, there's http://lwn.net/Articles/40101/ "Graphics programs 
for Linux" - which is available only for subscribers until next thursday 
  (you might want to consider looking into it then - which tells us e.g. 
the following:

"I've tried Scribus on and off for some time now, and it definitely 
shows promise. After downloading the 1.0 release, I was impressed by how 
far Scribus has come in a fairly short time. It offers all the features 
you'd need to produce a decent company newsletter or flyer, allows you 
to prepare a document for printing or convert to PDF for electronic 
publishing. [...] There are a few glitches; some of the tools don't act 
quite as you might expect, and there are a few features that you'd 
definitely want in desktop publishing application that aren't in Scribus 
just yet. [...] But, a few shortcomings aside, Scribus is definitely a 
boon for folks who want to see Linux succeed on the desktop. While it 
may not be perfect, it should be good enough to attract a strong 
audience that will help to see it move forward in much the same way the 
GIMP has over the years."

I guess this very good and serious press covering, and also their 
overlook of a bunch of graphics tools is really a nice thing to look in 
(now, if you're a subscriber; next week, if you don't want to become one).

Greetings from Austria,

Robert Kaiser

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