[Scribus] MacOS X & QtMac

Tor Ake Fransson tor_ake
Thu Jul 17 00:58:25 CEST 2003

Hello all.

I scanned the list quickly for macos x topics, but
found none, so i'm posting this:

scribus-1.0RC1 can be installed using fink, and i am
sure that works fine, however, Trolltech released
QtMac free edition recently, so I thought i'd try
compiling scribus with it, and this is my findings:
- Configured as for qt-x11, meaning no special options
at all. Freetype from fink
- Edited the makefile(s) to remove references to
libX11, libXext, libSM
- Commented out the XOpenDisplay etc in util.cpp
... and after adding -multiply_defined suppress and
-lz to the ldflags it actually linked!

Scribus starts upp, but unless you create an app
bundle, its window refuse to go in the foreground.
- Stole a bundle from Qt samples, and just replaced
the binary (bundles are no magic, just a dir structure
and an xml file or two) in .app/Contents/MacOS/

Now scribus starts up, and works, mostly, except for
the following:
- Fonts are not picked up properly. I get a list of
fonts, but they all look the same onscreen
- The keyboard can not be used to enter text in text
boxes (cut&paste works, however)
- Can not write PDF files. "Can't write the file
xxx.pdf" when i try. Saving the file works, however.
GS problem?

Ok, that's about it.

//Tor-?ke Fransson

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