[Scribus] Re: limited default colors, adopted openoffice palette

Andreas Plesch andreasplesch
Thu Jul 17 07:48:14 CEST 2003

Aah, this gives me a fuzzy warm feeling inside :)

Since scribus has the notion of a color shade, it may make sense to 
eliminate the shaded openoffice colors such as green 3 from the list.

At some (perhaps not so distant) point in the future, scribus may 
support also patterns as fills for shapes, in addtion to colors and 
gradients. There is a lot of black and white printing which needs those. 
Then it may be interesting to look at


which provides a nice collection of such fill patterns.

Last, I could export to DXF well just using the eps export and pstoedit. 
pstoedit has a few more conversion formats.

all the best, Andreas

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