[Scribus] Problem with path of images

David Rodríguez García darodgar
Wed Jul 16 12:39:28 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I have a problem with images path manipulation in scribus 1.0. I think the 
best method to explain it is with an example.

My document path was /home/david/documents
I create a scribus document in that location. Add an image from 
In the document the reference to that image was 
../../../usr/share/icons/something.png. It was ok as relative path from the 
document location.
My problem is when I copy or send to scrapbook. The path was modified and now 
is relative to my home, ../../usr/share/icons/something.png. As a result, 
when pasted, the image was lost.

Other example
If I collect for output a document, as example to /home/david/test, all the 
image paths are well transformed to only the image name. That's perfect for 
me, but if I send to scrapbook, the images apeared as test/imagename. Again 
relative to my home.

I have configured in general preferences the path of Documents, to the 
location of my files, but the path of copied images, remains relative to my 

I hope it can help to solve that problem. If not only affected me :-)

I want to congratulate all the people involved in this 'so interesting 
As suggestion, if it has not been indicated before. When edit text in a 
textbox, all the text was updated as typed, making it really slow with a lot 
of text. I think that updating only the actual line can realy speed up to a 
perfect speed.

Thans again to all people.

David Rodr?guez Garc?a

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