[Scribus] feature requests - and is there a tracker?

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Thu Jul 10 00:08:05 CEST 2003


After working some time with Scribus - and I have to state I really like 
it - I found three things that I may consider useful:
1) Tabulator support
2) Support for (un)ordered lists
3) Better handling of line height/spacing

In brochures, you often have lists, and support for something like that 
would be really nice there, and for better placing of things the tab 
support would help a lot as well.
Additionally, I couldn't get different line heights for different lines 
within one text field to work. At least, it would be nice if a line 
would always scale its height according to the highest character in the 
line, or to some font size. Having a line with 24pt font inside an 
article with 10pt font size can be a pain sometimes with the current 
implementation. Additionally, It's hard if you want to have e.g. a 6pt 
empty space between two lines (so you don't have a real blank line but 
also not just a simple unspaced newline). It would be nice to have 
something like paragraph spacing in word processing apps.

An additional question came up when thinking about all that: Is there 
some feature / bug tracker for Scribus? E.g. a Bugzilla installation 
(like it's known from KDE, Mozilla and many other projects) could help 
managing bug reports and feature requests, I believe (see 
<http://www.bugzilla.org/> - I evfen installed this thing once, you just 
need Perl and MySQL, an Apache Webserver is helpful as well)...

Greetings and thanks for your work,

Robert Kaiser

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