[Scribus] Final .pot File for Scribus

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Wed Jul 9 15:12:04 CEST 2003

PFJ wrote:

>>I checked it with today's  CVS version (Scribus Version 1.0, Build ID:
>>8. Juli 2003, F-C-C-T) => still the same display error in the Polish
>>version of the "Save Page as SVG..." message. Other translated messages
>>are displayed correctly (same font, same glyphs - see attachement).
>I've not checked the po file in question, but from what I remember when
>doing the English translation, it was up to the one doing the
>translation to type in the correct words etc.
You don't have  to check the Polish (Russian, Czech...) po  files in 
question, as the message "Save Page as SVG..." is translated correctly - 
I wouldn't waste your and my time if it were so. That's not the point.

>As the code in Scribus passes all text to the Qt translator function,
>then all translation problems are firmly between the po file and Qt, so
>as Franz said, it is down to Qt.
It is definitely not down to QT. Please could you simply look at the 
attached screen shots - they explain a lot. You'll see the same Polish 
word for page displayed correctly in "Save Page as EPS..." and 
incorrectly in "Save Page as SVG...". I can assure you: the word used in 
Polish translation is the same.

But, as I said some mails ago: it is a cosmetic issue and I only wanted 
to point it to you. It's definitely my last mail on this topic.


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