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Petr Vaněk petr.vanek
Sun Jul 6 22:26:10 CEST 2003

I did some tests with pdftohtml founding *various* results. Some
PDFs convertings correctly, some not - but it's much better than 
previous releases. And one more but - iso8859-1 only, of course...

I think it's enough for this topic.

Dne ne 6. ?ervence 2003 21:52 Paul napsal(a):
> want to go to Czeckoslovakia (sorry if I've spelt that incorrectly) just
> after the fall of Communism there (and the influx of money from the
> west), but things went against me.

don't regret that - nothing special to see here (just kidding - because of
comforting you :D)

p.s.: it was named Czechoslovakia before splitting into two smaller
and very similar countries. main diferences is based on beer vs. special
gin :)))

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