[Scribus] bus error starting scribus

Paul paulf.johnson
Sat Jul 5 14:26:26 CEST 2003


> o.k., I told you that I just know the use of a mouse, but if I type 
> that, I get
> ralf# g++ /Users/ralf/helloworld.cpp -o -O2
> /Users/ralf/helloworld.cpp:1:26: qapplication.h: No such file or 
> directory
> /Users/ralf/helloworld.cpp:2:21: qwidget.h: No such file or directory
> /Users/ralf/helloworld.cpp:3:25: qpushbutton.h: No such file or 
> directory

> much better, isn't it?

Well, it does show something up ;-p

Okay, let's try this slightly differently.

1. Find where the header files are for Qt (echo $QTDIR should show it -
if it shows nothing, do what I say in (3))

2. Use on the command line 

g++ /Users/ralf/helloworld.cpp -o hello -O2 -I$QTDIR/include -lqt

That tells g++ where to find the header files and which library to link

3. Your machine doesn't know where Qt is. I know this works under Linux,
so something similar will work under OSX. You need to find where Qt is
(for arguments sake, say it's in /Users/ralf/Qt - it won't be, but it is
for demonstration purposes). Under linux, there is a file in /etc called
bashrc - this is not a hidden file, but to edit it, you must be logged
in as the administrator). The following lines need to be added


logout and log back in. echo $QTDIR should return /Users/ralf/Qt

You should be able to follow instruction (2) now.

OSX is based on BSD (another un*x variant, so I'm guessing that the
setup of what is in what directory will be similar - if anyone knows
differently, please speak now!)


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Which don't allow people to choose.
Wars are fought to topple these people.
Yet the folks who do this, still use Windows.
Double standards or not understanding why they did it?

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