NOW OT: Re: [Scribus] czech translation update

Petr Vaněk petr.vanek
Wed Jul 2 07:57:37 CEST 2003

Dne ?t 1. ?ervence 2003 23:13 Franz Schmid napsal(a):
> Thats right, here is a snippet of the Download Statistics for Scribus
> ordered by countries:
> 	1. Germany
> 	2. France
> 	3. Czech Republic
> 	4. Australia
> 	5. Poland
> You could see that there is a great interest for Scribus in these
> countries, no wonder that you have so many contributors.

--- begin of the useless mail ---

you cannot imagine what happened when I've published small
announcement in the biggest linux-zine in czech rep. My mailbox
(and brain capacity) was totally DoSed by suggestions, asking
for change "this little but needed phrase - it's a must!" etc.

and today? it's turn for the second zine - translation armageddon
continue. i love this people (of course not practically... not them all:D).

it's great to be a member of this (how pathetic)

p.s.: grrr! france before czechs?! wait for next week - the tour de
france begins so every geek should watch it all day - this'll decrease
their download... and victory is mine... ugh, ours... and then? germans...
and then? time to rule the world... :)

--- end of the useless mail ---

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