[Scribus] Update on update (00:24:23)

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Wed Apr 30 23:12:18 CEST 2003

Patrick wrote:
> Ok, Paul & Franz,
> Thought I would drop a note while everything was still fresh on my mind.
>  Got your latest version tonite and compiled, had a couple of errors,
> but didn't seem to bother the compile.  Sorry, did not copy those down
> for you.
Anyway thanks for your tests and comments.

> Peliminary findings on this Scribus are good.  No problems with copying,
> cutting or pasting.  Tried several different things to get it to
> misbehave, but it did not.  Still getting the font coding in the
> clipboard in KDE, so copy and middle mouse button pasting still not
> possible.
Scribus uses now the Clipboard as follows:
- if you copy a text from a Textbox it will be sent to the KDE Clipboard
   as plain Text and sent to an internal Buffer as styled Text.
- if you copy a Text from another App it can be pasted into a Textbox
- the KDE Clipboard has priority over the internal Buffer, so if you
   first copy from a Scribus Textbox and then from another App the internal
   Buffer is lost.

> Odd things I have noticed, but does not seem to inhibited the program
> from working. Create a grahics box and part of the X missing in the box.
> Insert picture into the box and the picture has a diagnol cut thru it. 
> Create graphics box, move the box or right click on box to copy or move
> and X appears correctly as does any graphics you insert into it.
> Next thing I have noticed, is the text box seems to be missing a side if
> another text box is created on the page.  This is the little dotted line
> to show the box and it always seems to be the left side missing.
Fixes for these issues are in CVS tonight. These issues came from some re-
coding the Clipping Path methods. It's now possible to combine 2 Polygons,
this is intended for converting Text to Polygons which will be implemented

But remember, the tarballs from Paul are really bleeding edge of Development,
I'm not resposible if the code blows up your Computer to Pluto.;-)
You have been warned!!

Best Regards,
Franz Schmid

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