[Scribus] The Bitstream Vera "Final" Fonts are released by Gnome

Steve Herrick steveh
Wed Apr 23 23:19:02 CEST 2003

tech at atlantictechsolutions.com wrote:

>IIRC, you have RH 8.0.

>First, add ./fonts to your home directory. Then drop the fonts you want to install.
Did that. I included local.conf. Was that right?

>Then open a console and do the following:
>$ mkfontscale
>$ mkfontdir
>$ fc-cache -v  -f ./
I was unclear here whether to do this in ~ or in /.fonts. I ended up 
doing both. It said it succeeded both times.

>Then go to: http://www.atlantictechsolutions.com/scribusdocs/fontprefs.html
>and add this directory to scribus font preferences panel *without* a doc open. There will be slight pause as Scribus refreshes Xfree's font paths.
OK, I did all that.

>Then these new fonts will be available to Scribus.
This part didn't happen. The fonts were not there, even after restarting 
Scribus. I had verified that the path I used was correct 
(/home/esteban/.fonts), but after restarting, I couldn't reverify it, 
because "Additional paths" was grayed out.

>The docs relating to font handling need quite a bit of rewriting, as Franz has added a lot more capabilities with Unicode, freetype etc. The new font preference setup works very well for me, provided you have correct fonts.scale and fonts.dir in each font directory listed in your font path. 
Well, maybe that's the problem. Where would I get these?

>Overall, these are great enhancements which will make font handling easier for end users over time. 
I look forward to it. This issue is the only thing holding me on 
proprietary software.

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