[Scribus] Please thanks for the new scribus extension ...

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando scribus
Sat Apr 5 10:30:18 CEST 2003


        Please thanks to Franz.Schmid and other Scribus developers to
        follows my advice for a new sribus extension, now: "sla".

        It is clear that for some versions would be necessary to 
maintain also old extensions.

        Soon we will publish our FTGUIX standard, that I hope may be 
followed to standardize applications.

        Actually, I publish these three articles about the 


        There are three articles: PartI, II and III.

        I hear that some users have problems to compile or get the sources.

        We offer the scribus version for our OS at: 

        There are all three: SPEC, RPM and SRPMS.

        Actually, is updated to the latest version. We will includes a 
new package for scribus documentation there.

Thanks again,


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