[scribus-dev] Is it possible to improve in applying font and style in direct way?

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Subject: [scribus-dev] Is it possible to improve in applying font and style	in direct way?

Dear Sir,
I am a Korean and a developer of pulgins|scripts|COM for Indesign and QuerkXpress.A government man asked me whether I propose DTP application to replace Adobe Indesign. I have tested Scribus but found the most critical short point is the way changing and applying fonts and styles on paragraphs.
The government man is saying that if it is possible they are willing to supportthe development team financially and facility.
So would you please let me know belows?
(1) Is it possible improve the way changing fonts and styles in direct way?
(2) If possible, how many developers and how long would be needed for thatproject?
They are saying they do not have enough budget for Adobe's new charging policy.And also I, as being a korean, hope I can help a problem of my country.
Any kind of comments will be appreciated.Here is my mail and phone numbers. (my english is not good but possible slowspeaking)atasas at gmail.com, 82-10-2262-6000, 82-70-7152-5200
I am living in Seoul and I can visit you if needed.
Thanks for reading and hope positive responses.
Truly yours.

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