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ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jan 20 08:18:17 UTC 2016

hey dawood

i've not seen any reply by andreas, so you might want to go for an 
alternative -- and less straightforward -- workflow...

in my previous mail, i've drafted a few hints, how the integration of 
your work could happen.

depending on your own  ideas and/or other constraints you might want to 
build upon it and find a good way to get your work into the trunk!

if you need help, just raise your hand :-)


On 12/01/16 12:09, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi dawood!
> nice to read about your progress!
> i think that for the global architecture andreas will have to give you 
> the ok...
> on the other side, the longer you wait with sending your patches, the 
> harder it is to
> - integrate them into the scribus trunk
> - make sure that they don't break anything
> i'm not skilled with CTL and i only know a bit of scribus code, but i 
> skimmed through the diff between your branch and andreas' one and what 
> i saw looks good...
> since andreas did not fork the scribusproject repository, i cannot use 
> github to check for the differences between his branch and the 
> trunk... so i cannot tell how different your code from the current 
> trunk...
> my suggestion is:
> - become confident that your changes do not break non-CTL rendering on 
> screen and in the PDFs (you can ask the community to compile your 
> version and try it with their documents)
> - create a new (github) repository that is based on scribus trunk (as 
> an example by forking scribusproject's github repository).
> - as far as possible, add branches that contain atomic changes to the 
> scribus code. describe each time why you are making the changes and 
> what is the final goal. and create patches that change one thing at a time
> - you can also create one branch with your current code (but based on 
> trunk instead of avox's repository), so that it's easy to get a full 
> view of the differences between your current state and the trunk. that 
> way you/we also can check if your code can still be applied to the 
> current trunk!
> - start by sending patches that only contain new formatting for the 
> code (thinks like indents...)
> - continue with patches that do not change the logic of the code (like 
> adding new structures; of course you will have to explain why you(or 
> avox) are adding them and link to the places where you will be using 
> them so that the team can give you feedback).
> - then, if it's possible, create patches that add one feature at a 
> time. document what you have done and why.
> - since avox is "in charge" of the whole ctl project, you might want 
> to continue to work in your current repository based on his work, and 
> only use the new repository for creating the patches and showing your 
> work to the rest of the team / the rest of the community.
> the alternative is to add one big patch to the bug tracker and see 
> what happens :-)
> it might be good enough!
> thanks for your precious work and have a wonderful evening
> a.l.e
> On 12/01/16 11:07, Dawood al-badi wrote:
>> Hello developers.
>> I am working in ScribusCTL with guidance of Andreas-VOX. I started to 
>> complete Andreas work and I almost finished first stage which is box 
>> implementation. This stage have a huge changes in Scribus code. I 
>> Think that when we finish and stabilize box implementation will be 
>> very difficult to merge that huge of change. Also I believe that 
>> Andreas last merge was with r20300 so we already in not updated 
>> version. Good to know that my work was to make Andreas modifications 
>> work correctly without logic and syntax error and my current state is 
>> as following. Scribus now use boxes to draw glyphs on screen 
>> correctly and it can export that text to pdf format. Although there 
>> still some bugs that I am working on it right now such as TAB and 
>> point to position. I am just wondering how can I proceed with that 
>> unupdated version because when I finish I believe that scribus will 
>> be much different from the version that I am working on now. I notice 
>> that Andreas is very buzy and he did not test my work. Now I need you 
>> to tell me if I should start to send patches of my changes or I wait 
>> for Andreas to test it and merge but in case I hope you can start 
>> test our code and report bugs
>> https://github.com/dawoodalbadi/ScribusCTL
>> regards
>> Dawood
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