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ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Apr 20 07:36:32 UTC 2016

  hey fahad

> Great News that people have started testing CTL before landing in main
> repository.

> I have already included Sinhala in my pull request[1] to
> add more languages into Scribus.

neat! i've created a repository where people can make pull requests and 
add test documents:


(a first draft of sinhaleses files are already there...)

the tests will then be submitted to the scribus team and possibly 
included in the official scribus/resources/tests/ directory in the trunk.

> If things go smoothly, scribus CTL
> will support more than 500 languages.


>> At LGM there was a UK student from Sri Lanka who develops fonts for
>> Sinhalese. He told us that Scribus is the first software he has found
>> which will properly display the font he has created.

well, the first time he sees it in a DTP program... (browsers and even 
windows' notepad seem to display it correctly... but their job is a bit 

anyway, if you want to see how cool it looks in scribus, here it is!


have a wonderful day

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