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Dawood al-badi dawood.albadi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 14:08:34 UTC 2015

I think my previous email was not clear enough so I have to explain what I
want to do

First of all to add support of complex text layout like arabic in scribus
we need to make the production of pdf glyph based instead of char based and
to do that we have to separate every thing related to glyphs from
storytext. Andereas -vox has put a plan as I mentioned earlier.  I start to
move the function that I think its related to glyphs from storytext to
textlayout. In general, separate textlayout will make it possible for us to
use bidi algorithm on the glyphs and that all what we need to support CTL.
Moreover, if we need to do that separation of course we will need a
connection between glyphs and unicode other than the class that is used now
wich is SCText and why is that? Because now scribus saves the char with
glyph and other information of text in item with type SCText and we
mentioned that we need to separate glyphs from chars.
This is the aim of the first stage in adding support for ctl in scribus.
I can not upload my work because it not working properly yet but I rise the
issue to discuss and take feedbacks from anyone have idea regarding my
thoughts and andereas thoughts.
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