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Dawood al-badi dawood.albadi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 05:39:46 UTC 2015

Hello Developers

As you know Mr VOX has start project to make scribus support complex text
layout. Therefore I am willing to work in his plan that he posted in githup
in the following link:


To complete the project, the first stage was to separate textlayout from
storytext. So I started to separate all functions that related to glyphs.

GlyphLayout* getGlyphs(int pos);
const GlyphLayout* getGlyphs(int pos) const;
LayoutFlags flags(int pos) const;
bool hasFlag(int pos, LayoutFlags flag) const;
void setFlag(int pos, LayoutFlags flag);
 void clearFlag(int pos, LayoutFlags flag);

These functions were in storyText but I am moving
If any one have thought about the process I want a feedback. For example if
there are any other function that related to layout and I didn’t mention it

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