[scribus-dev] 0012245: Grouped lines appear thicker

ale rimoldi a.l.e at xox.ch
Tue Nov 17 09:31:48 UTC 2015

hey as.

> Actually, I commented this line before and it solves the issue. So I'm 
> asking why calling p->scale ()
> where it will scale by 1 which does nothing and it changes the 
> zoom_factor to 1.I'm assuming that the issue might be in the modified 
> zoom_factor.

this line of code arises a few questions:

- why is "double groupWidth" defined in pageitem.h and not in 
- what is the difference between m_width and groupWidth?
- why does width have a m_ prefix and groupWidth does not have it?

but the main question is about the difference between groupWdith and 

i suggest you (and the other guys) that as a first step for finding out 
what this line of code does and why it has been written, you should 
write a short doxygen doc for the groupWidth and groupHeight variables 
and submit that patch.

just a reference, if you look further down in pageitem.h you see:

double oldXpos; ///< Stores the old X-position for undo action. Is used 
to detect move actions.

that's an example of doxygen doc.

is not in my eyes a perfect doxygen comment:

double oldXpos; ///< used for detecting move actions .

would probably have been better, since the name of the class member 
variables already says that it's an old x position... we should try to 
keep them as short as possible and only document what we could not write 
in the name itself.

one last remark: before submitting a new doxygen doc, please discuss 
internally if it's the shortest text you can come up! :-)

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