[scribus-dev] The vertical distance between the first line and the first character

Ibrahim Al Rashdi ibrahimalrashdi745 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 07:02:41 UTC 2015

>>> I was using image frames as an analogy.
>>> The point is, why would I want to center text vertically, then adjust
>>> the frame height to text? What would be the design goal? What should
>>> Scribus's expected behavior be?
>>> Sometimes users need to realize they've made a mistake, and not have
>>> unrealistic expectations about the software.
>> at first sight i agree: it does not make sense...
>> but, if look at the way i'm currently adjusting the
>> size of the frame for the top aligned frames, i can think that i would
>> want to do it also for bottom aligned frames (which i don't use, but i
>> might use in the future, if the fact that this feature exists then
>> crosses my mind at the right time... :-)
>> now, if i would be into vertical centered frames, i think that i
>> also would want to resize the frame, when i'm done with the first
>> filling of the frame in that case, too.
>> i don't think that such a formatting fits any of my personal
>> needs, so i have a hard time to tell if it's something that might be
>> useful for other people.
>> but i can think that it can be...
> Perhaps so, but sometimes it would be better for those considering
> reporting a bug to come to the list and say,
> "Here is what I am trying to do. I do this, then this, and this is what
> I end up with."
> In many cases, we can fix the problem by recommending a more efficient
> and better method. At the least we may be able to refine the problem to
> understand where the bug is.

Hi all

For me I Thought this issue will a really need for the any user and it
is marked as conformed in bug tracker so I chose it. In addition it is
may be a good way to learn programming . However, I solved the issue
and upload to the bug tracker.


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