[scribus-dev] What does “acknowledged” issue status mean?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sun Nov 1 07:35:14 UTC 2015

ale has answered well but here are a few more precisions :
in the scribus community only few people are C++ developpers and have commit rights :
franz, MrB=Craig and jghali (and also avox when he is there).

In a bug report their voice should be more important for you to know
what features or code will possibly be merged.


Le 01/11/2015 08:27, ale rimoldi a écrit :
> hi khaled
>> Not being familiar what Mantis, I’m not sure what acknowledged status
>> really means. I’m asking because after working on an acknowledged
>> feature request, people are now debating whether the issue makes sense
>> at all or not. I’d have thought that this is not questionable given
>> the status of the issue, but I may have misunderstood how this works.
> since you're not mentioning the specific bug it's not easy to give you
> an exact explanation for what you are seing.
> but:
> - in the scribs project there are different people who have different
>    points of view on what kind of workflows should be supported,
>    different opinions on how softare should look like and how much far
>    should scribus go with integrating "non core" features.
> - some tickets are very old and in the mean time:
>    - people might have changed their mind
>    - scribus has changed
>    - the way people work with DTP apps (and generally computers) has
>      changed
> - finally, the bug tracker is both a tool that is used
>    - by power users and occasional users to announce their issues and
>      wishes
>    - by the community to work on proposals on ways to solve issues
>    - by the team to keep track what is blocking
> and there are probably many other reasons that make the
> life of a ticket not always as straightforward as one might want to
> wish!
> you're welcome to give suggestions for improvement!
> ciao
> a.l.e
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