[scribus-dev] "Blank" document, scribus 1.4.3

Mika Aleksandroff mika.aleksandroff at gmail.com
Fri May 2 17:02:26 UTC 2014


I'm mailing this here because I think this is a bug but it seems to be
impossible to register for bug reporting.. ??

I took a couple of snapshots to better understand what I am talking about:

I have been working on a document for quite a while, actually 5
separate documents, all similar: 20-30 pages, 2000-3000 objects (text,
polygons, some images). Three of them work just fine, two worked fine
until the last save and the next time I opened them they appeared
completely blank (see screenshots). All objects are there, they are
just not visible. New objects don't appear visible, either.

I can open the documents with 1.4.5-trunk and they look to be fine but
1.4.5-trunk is (for some reason) so slow that it is unusable
(selecting an object or doing anything take 5-10 seconds).

To re-iterate what has happened:

0. I am using Scribus 1.4. on Linux Mint. (Scribus Version 1.4.3, 20
July 2013, Build ID: C-C-T-F-C1.12.14, Using Ghostscript version 9.07)
1. I have multiple ~20 page documents with 1000+ objects (text,
polygons) on all of them
2. I went thru every document (preflight check) and fixed all problems
and exported all to PDFs and closed them
3. Now two of the documents appear completely blank when I open them.
4. I can add new objects but they seem invisible as well.
5. I can open the documents on scribus-trunk but that works so slowly
that it is unusable.

I can send the file in question for examination if needed. Any help
would be very much appreciated as the deadline for the book is closing
and I am running out of time.. :-(


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