[scribus-dev] Infrastructure augmentations pt.3 (IRC Bot)

Kunda Loves Scribus scribus.user at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 01:20:44 UTC 2014

Thank you so far for you attention and participation. If you've not read
the first 2 parts, no worries, you can read this independently.

Contnuing Pt.1 (Mediawiki) and Pt.2 (MantisBT) of this series of email the
next iteration of this idea would be to restore utility to what can be done
via Freenode #scribus

So, I understand that historically there used to be a #Scribus channel bot
that did cool bot things on the channel :) Not sure the history of why it
doesn't anymore. Nevertheless, here is what my vision is and perhaps you
can see the utility of it. What I'd like to propose is bringing some
functionality back or introducing some functionality that may not have been

1) Return to logging the channel. Many impromptu ad-hoc meetings tend to
emerge on the channel. It would be nice to be able to record them and
reference them for later use. For many reasons including making
documentation and tutorials, creating wiki pages from discussions oriented
around design or architecture of a problem/solution brainstorm, making sure
we identify any witchlike behavior and burn the witches in question (not
before we prove they are witches by weighing them against a duck to see if
they are made of wood and can float)

2) For the bot to be triggered to create the legit URL from just the issue
numbers (saves time).

3) To search Mantis from IRC (if possible, saves time)

4) Remote control Mantis from IRC (if possible, because...Science!)

5) To log which issues are discussed the most (bot on #Drupal does this)

6) To send notes back and forth between folks (historical use of a bot)

7) Update the channel when SVN is updated with commit message (useful)

8) Remotely search the Wiki and return results

9) Sync the SVN repo with the git (if not sophistications are present)

Optional) Update the channel when there is activity on Mantis

Optional) Update the channel when there is activity on the forums

Optional) Update the channel a summary of topics discussed on the MLs

Optional) Auto change topic to reflect the most updated revision # of the
dev version


Looking forward to participating in some discussions on theses topics.

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