[scribus-dev] Adding missing members to PDFfile scripter object

Jean Ghali jghali at libertysurf.fr
Mon Dec 29 13:02:10 UTC 2014

Le 27/12/2014 15:11, Juraj Fedel a écrit :
> Hello,
> Few days ago William had uploaded one patch to #8959 that enable to use
> bleeds from python script for 1.4.5 version. After that I added the rest
> of missing members to PDFfile object (more than 20 of them). If it is
> not too late maybe those patches could be included in 1.4.5 release too.
> Patches with small test script are included in attachment.

Hi Juraj,

Thanks for your patches. I have now ported and applied the first three patches to trunk,
and the first to 1.4.x. The patch related to #8959 triggers a change of behavior and may
change the result of existing scripts, so this patch is not quite suited for being
included in a stable branch such as 1.4.x. The third patch however add some new options
without modifying behavior, so I may well have a look at applying it to 1.4.x in the next
few days.


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