[scribus-dev] Scripter2: Your feedback is required

Hans Schmidt z0idberg at gmx.de
Tue Apr 8 14:36:54 UTC 2014


If I may use this ML for discussion first. Actually, I have not yet used
the Scripter so extensively, so if I write something completely
irrelevant or stupid, please forgive me :D

I would definitely vote for some kind of easy localization. What I have
seen in some scripts is that multiple languages are somehow implemented
in the script itself, often via “if lang == "fr_FR": ...” This does not
really seem good coding :D Other scripts do not offer any localization,
making them English only.

What I imagine is the following:

In the script it should be possible to easily use the Gettext functions,
therefore being able to easily create translation files. Additionally,
the Scribus website should offer some kind of translation service, where
one can upload the script and then other people can translate it. It
would be good if this is then somehow linked to the main Scribus
translation: The scripts would be easier to find and presumably the same
people who translate Scribus would also translate the scripts, therefore
creating a more consistent translation. This would especially be nice
for larger or more popular scripts and lead to them being perceived as a
part of Scribus, not so much as “alien scripts”.

P.S.: I am definitely voting for Python 3!

Am 08.04.2014 14:43, schrieb "Christoph Schäfer":
> Hi all,
> One of the major tasks we need to complete before the release of the next stable Scribus version (1.6) is finishing the new Scripter.
> During LGM, Andreas has fixed a build error that prevented testing of Scripter2. During the LGM Team meetings we also decided that we will create a wiki page, which allows us to collect wishes of script authors and make sure they are included in 1.6.
> The wiki page is here: http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Scripter2_Features_%28Wish_List%29
> Please note that is highly likely that Scripter2 will use Python 3 exclusively, since Python has reached its EOL in 2010.
> Happy testing!
> Christoph
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