[scribus-dev] How to start?

Czarek czarek at oferuje.pl
Mon Sep 30 07:00:27 UTC 2013

> Would be nice if someone could get me some small hints how to start :)

1. Find some functionality you want to improve or fix - next I will name it as 
2. Recognize what user action start TOPIC
3. Find if any string is used in UI with TOPIC - look at menu or context menu 
text,  dialogbox or widgets text or labels
4. Search source code for this string
5. Look at places with this string and try to understand functions with it - 
what they do and if they are indeed related with TOPIC
6. Run Scribus in debug mode and set up breakpoints in these places to see 
where debugging stops if you run TOPIC
7. Find usages of selected functions in code

You should be very patient and  inquisitive.
Start with some simply TOPIC, but sometimes simple things have very complex 

Very useful functions of QtCreator are:

- searching for usage of variables, classes, functions
- very good help database of Qt itself
- vary good tooltips with available methods and fields for class members
- good support of debug mode with list of values of variables at stop in 

Good luck

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