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Wed Nov 14 14:12:32 UTC 2012


it seems we've been several people to ask for typography efficiency
enhancement. We have had some discussions with Louis already, but it's
true there should be more shortcut available for typo.
Looking at the preferences, kerning even don't seem to be there. I'll
try to have a look at it and see if i can do something;


Le 14/11/2012 12:00, Daniel Viksporre a écrit :
> Hi!
> As I understand you can't change the kerning of letters from the
> keyboard. And this make the kerning feature take enormous amount of
> time to use.
> If you want to change the kerning of each letter in a header by hand,
> then this procedure will take more than 10 times longer to do in
> Scribus, compared to all professional DTP programs where you can do
> this from the keyboard.
> Would this be something that could be considered as a possibility to
> implement? I guess that it could be implemented quite easily, but if I
> have to do it myself, it would take quite some effort to do starting
> form scratch.
> Is this feature something that you have been thinking about? For
> people like designers (that use kerning all the time), it is a huge
> drawback.
> I have seen it mentioned several times, but those keyboard shortcuts
> doesn't work in windows, and is has always only looked as suggestions
> for improvement. Here is one of them...
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Keyboard_shortcuts
> // Daniel V
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