[scribus-dev] [Scribus 0010673]: Select on multiple layer

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue May 29 17:50:04 UTC 2012


> >     in vienna we have discussed the way the selection on multiple
> > layers works and we found it too complicated too use.
> >
> >     our proposal is to just add a preference to say if the user
> > wants to be
> >     able to select items across the layers and then, allow the
> > selections:
> >     - on the current layer
> >     - on all non locked layers
> >
> >     enabling the selection for each layer seems to be too
> > complicated to use and we think that a general switch should be
> > enough.
> >
> >
> > IMO not that's too complicated, just that you sometimes need to
> > spread "linked" objects among and that the need to move them
> > together is here. Some examples :
> >
> > - you have a link adress http of email and had created a PDF link
> > over it (on a new layer). If you move the text frame, you'd like to
> > move the link with it
> >
> > - you have pictures on a  layer and text on another (practical to 
> > manage sources and display, or manage same ressources for several 
> > language document where you would make one layer / lang. You would 
> > like to move them together too
> >
> With the outline dialog you can do this...

i guess that there is a misunderstanding here:

- in trunk it is currently possible to choose which layers are always

- nobody wants to remove any feature from the outline dialog

- on the one side, i want to know if somebody has a use for the very
  granular solution which has been recently added (there is a new
  "select object on layer" checkbox in the layers dialog)

- on the other side, i want to know from people actually working with
  scribus would prefere just enable the   feature in the preferences
  and then have all non locked layers accessible.

the change i'm proposing, seems to be simpler to use and is probably
simpler to code (less code!)


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