[scribus-dev] Scribus GUI and development

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Sat May 5 09:17:19 UTC 2012


The Scribus GUI has been discussed intensively at LGM in Vienna.

I think we need a home for GUI discussions and development and I suggest we
create gui.scribus.net

I suggest we enlarge the Scribus core team and include into it non-coders
such as Cédric, Claudia, Ale (well, Ale is a coder...!), myself and
possibly others who are interested in Scribus in general and in the GUI in
particular and who are ready to give time and effort to improve the program.

Also, I suggest that we very soon organise a work session with GUI
specialist Peter Sikking who has offered to help us.

This work session could take place in July at RMLL or sooner and elsewhere
if we do a partially remote meeting using Skype or other means. That way, I
and Peter Linnell could participate even if the meeting is to take place in

Scribus needs care.

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