[scribus-dev] Tentative feature freeze for Scribus 1.5svn

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Fri Dec 28 19:17:23 UTC 2012

I think we could save more space in Text properties just by changing
some UI widgets. Actually, the UI team has made some proposals and we
are waiting for the first implementation to go further in the
modifications because we agreed that we could not do it in only one
release. Our plan is :

- have a target
- do some changes
- listen to users
- do some changes keeping the target and user in mind ...


Le 28/12/2012 13:11, Michal Hlavatý a écrit :
> The most important thing to do before 1.5/1.6 release - fix the broken
> UI of Properties.
> Now, there was made some (useful) changes, but:
>   * it broke the padding of elements in Text tab of Properties (it's
>     too wide) and
>   * there is a limit height for Text tab, so I can't see for example
>     complete part of Advanced Settings (with previous sub-tabs).
> Especially the second change is time-consuming during typesetting.
> Mike
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