[scribus-dev] Thank you Scribus developers!

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jan 13 10:51:08 CET 2011

hi d,

> ONLY regular OS users find it normal to be directed to binaries hosted on
> another
> site without warning.  Pick any random third party commercial vendor
> offering
> downloads. If they refer you to CNet or another download source, users are
> warned.
> Its just */polite/*.

i don't see a real problem in being redirected to sourceforge: 
sourceforge is *THE* trusted site for downloads in the free software world!

it's like being redirected to the adobe site, when clicking on the "get 
acrobat" icon on a random site out there.
you won't see a warning under it: this is what you expect.

but, yes, we can and should do better and we should "warn" the people 
who don't know what sourceforge is (even if i'm not sure if they really 

here is a bug report concerning the download page:

feel free to add any further ideas!


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