[scribus-dev] Inline objects as framework for dynamic text?

Cezary Grabski czarek at oferuje.pl
Fri Apr 29 06:10:51 UTC 2011

I am thinking about using in-line objects as solution for variable dynamically 
inserted text like markers, foot/endnotes or even indexes.
I not try yet any code, only try to get some conception of what and how to do 
I think inline objects inserted at SpecialChars::OBJECT position are good 
items to hold also other items than inline frames.

What do you think?

If you agree with me I can start coding.
In first step I want to implement page markers for "see at page nr XX" 
dynamically updated by anchors positions and variable text fields updated with 
value set in new Markers Manager GUI dialogue box.
I think these are simplest things to do and good start point for other 
similiar solutions.


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