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While the LGM branding would benefit from having the LGM one each project's
website, I acknowledge that not all sites are designed to support yet
another logo, another color. One way to go would then be to treat this
information as it is. On the front page of [your preferred project], seeing
the announcement about LGM, supported by the team, would be perfect. Plus,
it would also be a clear signal that the meeting is of importance to the
team and this could also help get some press too.

* * * Announcement proposal for projects participating at LGM * * *

*Help the *[your preferred project]* devs gather at Libre Graphics Meeting*

The [your preferred project] Team invites its enthusiastic and supportive
community to help us gather in our annual dev meeting at the 6th Libre
Graphics Meeting in Montreal, Canada. Supporting LGM is supporting [your
preferred project] by allowing the developers to meet face to face,
including the devs of a large array of the Libre Graphics ecosystem. LGM is
THE meeting for those teams and it helps develop the apps and increase the
development pace, gather new blood, create momentum around new ideas and the
will to implement them. Your help cannot be more appreciated. Please
consider donating.



Thanks and wish to meet you in Montreal !

( [your preferred project] team member signature [name!] )
for the [your preferred project] team

* * *

Help us help you !

Cheers !


p.s. Feel free to forward this, of course !

Louis Desjardins
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