[scribus-dev] Import Page Dialog

Dale Beams drbeams at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 29 05:20:34 CEST 2010

On the Page --> Import --> Import Page(s) dialog, could I suggest the

1. "Import Page(s) [   ] from 0" default entry/behavior as "Import
Page(s) [ 1 ] from [ x ]" where the default is one and the from is the
last page by default or blank(requires an entry).  Changes in the
default entry [ 1 ] to something such as [ 3 ] would still require the
user input as currently designed.  The second entry from [ x ] is either
autofilled with the last page or left blank requiring user input as
currently designed.

2. Create Page(s) default preferences option.  For example, setting the
default prefernce to "at end" etc.

In newspaper production, catalog, magazine, etc., pages are able to be
completed by individual departments (sports, food, etc.) in single or
multiple pages and then imported into a master document.  These small
changes would increase the speed of the final draft layout.

Are there any downsides?


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