[scribus-dev] The Scribus developers Hit Parades

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 24 22:04:35 CET 2010

hi craig,

sorry for having hurt you.

but, i think that there is some misunderstanding here.

we don't want the team to solve all those issues during the following week -- just show what are the issues, we think are most relevant to us or to the users we are in contact with.

it's true that our "secret" goal is to see one of those issues solved each week, but it's up to the team members to choose which you want to work on and whether you want to work on one of those issues at all.

also, there are two reasons why this hit parade is posted to the -dev list and not privately sent to the developers:

- on the one side -- as already stated in the previous mail -- we want some feedback on those entries.

- on the other side, there may be somebody who is not in the team and still be interested in taking care of one of the issues.

it's also important to notice that if there is no reference to the version, it means that the target is 1.5svn not 1.4!

> > Voilà, the next Hit Parade will be sent the next week on the 1st of
> > December! Hopefully with lot of new entries...
> I don't see the point, you have no perspective on the code or the
> efforts required to do this..

your comment is welcome and we will remove items which are not doable or not relevant or already done!
or we will reformulate, split or change them to make them doable.

> At least 1,3,9, and 2.1 require massive changes or things we have no
> control over or have not been able to solve for years.

most of the items on that list have been discussed with the developers who were in paris last weekend...

- after some thinking, the bug at the first place has been judged as "doable with not too much effort" (2 days work) by at least one developer.

- 3. needs much work. i know it. but it's judged as the number 1 issue with Scribus by many people. the reason why, it didn't make the first place is, that we know that it's hard to solve!

- 9 has also been discussed in Paris and it would be really nice to have. if there is no chance to see it in 1.5svn in the foreseeable future (next 6 months?), i guess we will remove it from the list.

- it's clear to me that 2.1 can't be implemented before the new text engine is done. it's there to recall you that completing the undo system should be a goal while working on it. 

> 2.2 is done in 1.5.0svn.

- it's added to the code base, but does not work. we will replace the entry  "Add Scripter 2" with "Replace Scripter by Scripter 2 in 1.5svn" for the next weeks list (if there will be one).

> 2.3 is not a feature or a bug.

- you're right: it's a wish. there was no 3rd place... i have added it at the last minute.

and if you still think that this hit parade should not exist, well, i guess that we will consider to stop it after the first issue.
or we may change it to another form if you think it should be different.

have a nice evening

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