[scribus-dev] Who is going to kill the style dialog ?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 1 13:40:48 CET 2010


> 2010/11/1 Craig Bradney<cbradney at zip.com.au>
>>   It does.. perfectly!
> Hi Craig,
> I have to take your word... I never saw it work, I could never make it work
> on a Mac ! I always get the same error... I wonder if other Mac users share
> the same experience as I do.
> Louis

it does not work here and now (1.3.8 from fink)... but i think it has 
already worked in the past...

so, works perfectly is probably not the correct description for it...

but it may have been fixed in 1.3.9 (which is not yet available for mac...)


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