[scribus-dev] bg colors for headings

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Fri Aug 6 11:29:12 CEST 2010

> hi
>> > is there any way to make white text with a black background that
>> > spans the width of a column while importing with the text filter?
>> We
>> > import a text file which is many pages long and has many headings
>> in
>> > it. Our headings are white text and we make them stand out by
>> > putting a black bg color behind it the width of the column.
>> > Currently in quark we accomplish this by using a black line style
>> > and then bump it up in behind the white text above it. It doesn't
>> > appear you can apply a line style to a paragraph style in scribus
>> > yet, nor can you select to apply a line style while importing with
>> > a text filter.
>> >
>> > Is there any way to accomplish this currently?
>> Only a suggestion. (untested)
>> You don't say, but I assume you import the text from Open Office and
>> thereby obtain a style for the heading.
>> OK, now having imported it all,
>> a. set up all your black backgrounds on another layer
>> b. Duplicate the imported header style
>> c. Edit it to change the color to white
>> d. Go round and change the paragraph styles to the new style for
>> those
>> headers
> well, owen, i think that i don't fully get what you're suggesting
> here... but i just wanted to point to you that scribus does not have
> any background color for paragraph styles... afaik...

Here is a 1.5 MByte, 32 second blockbuster movie giving the general
idea of what I was trying to say



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