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> Let's say I'm less than wow'd by this link.

the interesting thing about this link is that they marketed their release. i
found that a really cool thing to do. especially to show all the new
features of a possible 1.4 release. i think it would be great to do a kind
of poster or flyer with the new features.


> Some criticisms:
> 1. It seems they decided that each little text-blob needed its own image,
> so we have a general presence of rather inane and uninformative pictures,
> each I guess not necessarily unattractive, but creating a geometric increase
> in the need to scroll down the page. At least they didn't divide this up
> into a series of linked pages.
> 2. Assuming that the pictures were included without any pressure, I don't
> know that as a user I find any great merit in seeing various people who have
> worked on fedora depicted on the page, especially when I don't know whether
> they actually do anything of interest to me or not. A link to their bios
> with pics might suffice. This having been said, I think it would be nice to
> have some pics of the Scribus team on our site.
> 3. One of their illustrations shows inkscape doing a job that many of _US_
> would say would be more easily done with Scribus -- where's our screenshot?
> (more of a complaint from perspective) I also didn't see DTP specifically
> mentioned in the text -- don't they like us?
> In summary, I would say that this is a clean layout, not especially
> creative, much larger than it needs to be for a webpage, and with a mixture
> of content which is of modest interest with other content of little to no
> interest and of low information content.
> Disclaimer: This is only meant to be a personal critique, and I am open to
> those that might explain to me the positive features that I may be missing.
> It's Friday, after all.
> Greg
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