[scribus-dev] Regarding(aad new form with scribus)

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Nov 20 15:51:25 CET 2009

dear ajay

> >          I am ajay kumar working with 4cplus internet company LTD.
> > as a
> >> software developer I need help from some one. i am facing a
> >> problam since 5
> >> days but i am not able to find the solution.that how to add new
> >> form in scribus.please help me some one. your contribution will be
> >> highly appricated.
>        yes finally i managed to install scribus on my computer and
> now i am able to modify scribus code according to me for my purpose.
> now i puting extra feature and extend the menu & sab menu. but now i
> try to add login form with scribus.but i am note understand that how
> to aad login form with scribus. i want to that the first existing
> user login after that he will be work on scribus...

could you please explain what's the login used for?

some ideas:

- basically, scribus can be used by several people on a computer: just create a user account for each person
- you can enter document information in file > document setup > document information
- you can define some protection settings in the file > export > pdf dialog.

in what context are you trying to create a login form?


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