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2009/7/17 Jain Basil Aliyas <jainbasil at fedoraproject.org>


As a part of my Scribus Project, I've formed a mapping of XPress tags
attributes to Scribus attributes. I am attaching the document with this
mail, please do check out the same. Suggestions on Improving the mapping and
Corrections on the existing document are invited !

Hi Jain Basil !

Great work !

I have 2 questions/comments

1. The 2 last columns have the same header...

2. I understand from your chart that the stylesheets won't be usable from a
tagged document, is this right ? if so, do you think it will be possible to
add that into the mapping possibilities ? I am talking about the
"@stylesheetname=" tag which we use a lot in production. 

Hi Louis,
no, "@stylesheetname=" should define a new Scribus style. Wouldn't be any
fun otherwise, right? :-)
How should we handle name collisions?
- keep original Scribus style
- redefine Scribus style with new attributes
- create new Scribus style with a different name
- always prefix all imported styles to keep them separated from normal
Scribus styles
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