[scribus-dev] [scribus] Permission to use Scribus Screen Captures in an Educational Product

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Fri Oct 17 17:54:40 CEST 2008

> imho, it sounds like craig was going to think about allowing clay conner
> to use the screenshots or not.
> so my questions is still valid: what is the position of the team on that
> matter? (and, yes, the answer to this will affect how i will handle
> scribus related projects).

The following is not the position of the team, but my personal one.

1) We would be plain silly if we restricted the use of screenshots in any way.

2) Photographs are owned/copyrighted by the person who made them. For instance, you can take a photograph of a BMW, but BMW cannot restrict the use of your photograph or claim any copyright here -- it's _your_ photo.

3) Screenshots are like photographs. Therefore, the copyright holders of a software cannot claim any copyrights in screenshots, unless they have been made by themselves. 

4) An exception would be faked screenshots that are used to demonstrate alleged shortcomings of the software. But this would be a case of false advertising or something similar, depending on the jurisdiction. It has nothing to do with copyright.

Ergo: I think we don't need to discuss this any further, as every user of a computer is free to make and use screenshots of the programs he's using. As Hedley Finger pointed out, otherwise, books and magazines that are covering software would quickly cease to exist.

Just my 2 Ct.

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