[scribus-dev] [scribus] Permission to use Scribus Screen Captures in an Educational Product

Andreas Vox avox at arcor.de
Thu Oct 16 13:21:21 CEST 2008


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> hi
> i've moved this thread to the -dev ml in order to discuss the 
> "problem" 
> in a more familiar group :-)
> i will post the results (if any) to the scribus ml afterwards.
> >> I don't think this is a matter that should concern the 
> Scribus team.   
> >> Having worked in publishing and as a technical writer, I 
> believe that 
> >> you are de facto free to use screen shots in a 
> publication, provided 
> >> there is some sort of acknowledgement:
> >>     
> well, wikimedia doesn't see it like that and the articles 
> i've linked, either.
> personnally, i also think that it should be the way you 
> described it, but i'm not sure at all that this is how a 
> lawyer would see it. and i wouldn't like to see my book 
> published before finding out!
> > That was not the concern. All scribus components are 
> clearly licensed 
> > with OSS licenses.
> my question is: under which condition can one then use 
> scribus screenshots in a publication which is not OSS (by 
> nature), is free but doesn't match the GPL freedoms, or is 
> not free at all.
> this question is not really addressed to the team but to 
> everybody who may know better :-)
> > As I understand it the reason why Craig asked him to show the 
> > screenshots he was going to use was to make sure that he had the 
> > latest version of scribus in them and such. Basically, Craig 
> > volunteered to help make sure that the screenshots were in 
> the best shape possible for the publication.
> >   
> craig said:
> "We may either grant permission, or perhaps provide an 
> updated screenshot. Also, please describe the exact nature of 
> the replication."
> imho, it sounds like craig was going to think about allowing 
> clay conner to use the screenshots or not.
> so my questions is still valid: what is the position of the 
> team on that matter? (and, yes, the answer to this will 
> affect how i will handle scribus related projects).

When I first read the request I thought it was about reusing the screenshots
from our website. There should be no doubt taht we can control the
permissions to that.

I always thought that screenshots you make yourself are regularly owned by
yourself. I don't think German copyright law would allow to control the
screenshots of a software by the copyright owner of the software unless they
contain copyrighted text. Menu names and dialog messages would not be
considered "valuable" enough to get a copyright.
AFAIK US copyright works differently, but I don't think it's worth to ensure
copyright ownership of all Scribus screenshots.


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